Straighten and De-skew Scanned Document PDF Files

Many scanned document pages come out as skewed or crooked. It is hard and time-consuming to rotate and align them manually. helps you accurately, automatically and quickly deskew and straighten the pages in PDF files online. No software download is required.


Easy, Fast, Secure

The only thing you need to do is to upload your scanned PDF document file, and our professional deskew engine will do the rest for you. After a few minutes, the deskewed PDF file will be available for your download. That's it. No software download and no account registration. The process is totally by machine and your data will not be inspected by third-parties. The file will be deleted from our server within 3 hours, or you can choose to manually delete the file immediately after download it.

No Software Download, No Account Registration

It just takes several minutes to make your PDF file perfect

All Devices Supported

Cloud-based service. Upload from any Windows/Mac computers, or phones. No software installation is required.

Fully Automatic

Upload a scanned PDF file and a perfect deskewed PDF will be ready for download in minutes. No human intervention.

Security and Privacy

Files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.

AI Powered

Professional Deskew Service. Straighten your scanned documents accurately and smartly.

Let the machine do the boring work

Let's Get Started!

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